My name is John Blyth, I have been involved in 1 way or another with German Shepherds for most of my life.
Here at Shalidora we aim to breed animals of both sound body and mind.

Not only have Shalidora German Shepherds been successful in the show ring they have also had careers with the Prison service, Police Service winning The National Dog Trials and The Welsh River Authorities to name but a few.
Breeding top class German Shepherds for over 30 years Shalidora Kennels strives for excellence.

In 1985 I was granted the Shalidora affix and have gone on to breed a National winner, Res CC winners, Championship, Breed and Open show winners. I have also handled at the German Sieger Show.
Shalidora Yanta - 2 Day National winner
Nina von Haus Pari 1 CC, 4 Res CC's
                    V1 in Germany
               Fedor of Shalidora
Over 30 Championship show wins.
We have competed in Germany with success. We have also gained the highest accolades at Breed Championship shows here in the UK
Here at Shalidora we have been successful in breeding, training, owning, judging and professionally handling some top class German Shepherd dogs.
We have 3 children who share the love and passion for the breed as much as we do. They help out with daily tasks such as walking, grooming, training and more!
As you can see our German Shepherds are important members of our family.

Whether it be relaxing on the sofa, exhibiting or out in the paddocks having fun with the kids they take it all in their stride.